Land of Galilee

The most authentic way of tourism
After visiting many countries some well experienced travelers might feel that staying in hotel in one country look too much like staying in hotel in another country , in this way of travelling you cannot get in touch with local people , cannot taste the real food of this region and in many ways you miss the whole point of the country.

Authentic tourism in Israel

Many of us felt that the success of the journey is irelated mostly to the people we meet on the way , if a tourist will meet rude people he won’t like this country even if it had beautiful landscape.

Another issue called responsible tourism , this type of tourism try to avoid damaging the environment nor the local cultures.

If you want to : meet local people , protect the environment and the local culture and to feel the authentic way of living , the best way is to use home stay accommodation.

In this way your might avoid the huge hotels and huge tourism companies , to support local authentic communities , to explore the country without damaging it’s environment and cultures and in most of the cases to save your money.

In many cases we witnessed true friendship between travelers and local host family , especially children.

Land of Galilee is a responsible tour operator which offer home stay based tour packages all over Israel.