Israel Christian Tours

Israel is the original home of the world’s three monotheistic religions and is an amazing place to take a meaningful and uplifting vacation. Christian Holy Land Tours are a great way to visit the holy sites of Israel and go on a biblical journey that is both physical and spiritual.

Our pilgrimage tours can enable you to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and His disciples, as well as Christian pilgrims from the ancient past through to the present day. Biblical Holy Land tours enable you to visit many holy places and historical sites whilst listening to an informative commentary that gives the biblical context of each place.

Christian Pilgrimage

Our trips include Catholic tours of Israel that can include Holy Mass in the shrines of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, as well as informative lectures that bring the Bible to life and enhance your pilgrimage.

Israel Christian Sites

Our Israel Christian tours allow you to take in the sites of Jesus’ ministries, the locations of His many miracles, see places mentioned in the bible and visit historical and holy places that will touch your soul and remain with you forever.

Our Holy Land pilgrimages enable you to place your hands upon the ancient stone walls of Jerusalem, visit the place of Jesus’ birth and take in the sights and sounds of Holy Land churches and biblical locations that have remained unchanged since ancient times.

Highlights of our Israel Christian tours can include;

We can take you to secluded desert monasteries, ruggedly beautiful landscapes and rural villages that have preserved their way of life since biblical times. There are so many important and holy sites spread across Israel, travel with Israel-Guides to guarantee the trip of a lifetime. Let us know the places closest to your heart and we will create an itinerary just for you. If you are uncertain of how to best spend your time and budget, leave it to our expert Israel tour guides to compile tours that will make the most of your vacation in Israel.

A Holiday Like No Other

A vacation in Israel is like no other holiday; nowhere else in the world can you experience the emotions of visiting sites you have only read about or studied. Nowhere else in the world can you capture the aura of holy sites and re-immerse yourself in your faith.

Transport yourself back in time and experience a new fervor to your Christianity or Catholicism with an Israel-Guides Christian Tour. We guarantee that you will return home with a brand new perspective on biblical events, feeling inspired and spiritually refreshed.