Desert Bedouin Tours

Israel desert tours offer a totally different experience, a far cry from the fast pace of Tel Aviv or the lush northern mountains. Israel’s deserts are a dramatic setting, with miles of golden sand dunes framed by rocky mountains and topped by an endless sky that displays a blanket of stars on clear nights. These vast, rugged areas help visitors to experience a slower pace and put life back into perspective.

There are two deserts in Israel. Bedouin Tours are available in both the Negev and Judean deserts and provide a fascinating glimpse into a traditional way of Arab life that has remained unchanged since biblical times.

Galilee Israel Bedouin Experience

Bedouins in israel also have historical ties to the north of Israel and have a presence in the Jezreel valley. In contrast to their desert-dwelling brothers, the Bedouins of the Galil live in a much greener, more fertile area. This stunning location is covered in a colorful variety of exotic flowers in spring and summer months but, in common with desert locations, is a vast area suited to rearing livestock.

Bedouins Hospitality in Israel

Whichever location you choose for your Bedouin tour in Israel, you will enjoy the same warm welcome. Bedouins are famed for their hospitality and like to receive visitors, relate stories and enjoy sharing traditional Arabic food.

The Bedouins tents themselves date back to ancient times and are made with the same materials and in the same style. Bedouin dress is also traditional and is designed for both modesty and to suit desert life.

For those after an authentic experience that provides a glimpse into the lives of people at the time of the Bible, an Israel Bedouins tour is probably as close as they will be able to get in the twenty-first century.

Sample a Bedouin Feast

Israel Bedouin Experience – Visitors love the warm, home made pita bread, humus, salads and traditional hot dishes served up around the low tables and mats that are customary in Bedouin tents. They are treated to cultural music and given a talk about the Bedouin way of life, which although currently preserved, has gone through many changes in recent years and, sadly, is gradually dying out.

The Druze Population in Israel

Bedouins should not be confused with the Druze population in Israel. Druze are a distinct community in their own right and, in contrast to the Bedouin, are not solely focused on the land but to the state. This group has a special standing in Israel, having pledged allegiance to the country and being more ingrained into mainstream Israeli life, including the military.

A Taste of the Past

Those taking Israel Bedouin Experience enjoy hearing about a way of life that has not changed since biblical times; getting a feel for the roots, culture and lifestyle of this ancient people. Check out our desert tours and find out how you can sample a taste of the past.