Israel Gourmet Foods

What is the recipe for a fantastic and novel tour in Israel? Start by slowly mixing together some stunning rural locations with a range of traditional farming and production methods. Next add innovative irrigation systems and the hot Mediterranean sun. Finally stir in committed entrepreneurs with a culinary passion and what do you have? An exciting range of organic, local produce that looks, smells and tastes out of this world. Israel’s small, organic farms and manufacturers make a fascinating Israel tour.

Israel Gourmet Walking Tours

Israel has many small scale industries making local produce. Israel gourmet walking tours not only make an interesting day out but also take you to spectacular locations and enable you to mix with inspiring Israeli entrepreneurs. They give you the opportunity to sample some wonderful, locally produced food as well as buy novel gifts to take home with you.

Israel has hundreds of cottage industries dotted around the countryside. These are often family run ventures and are run by idealistic, enthusiastic individuals who have a real desire to live off the land, producing traditional fare.

Our Israel tours include some great ways to understand the new craze for slow food. Israel has, in recent years, produced award winning local wines, cheeses and traditional breads. Taking a leaf out of the Bible, a new generation has become enthused by living off the land and developing classic produce made the natural, authentic way. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their tastes and fine dining is taking off in Israel. These organic farms provide goods that are of a worldwide caliber and are putting Israel on the culinary map.

Eating the Old Fashioned Way

Our Israel Gourmet tours take in village bakeries that produce Middle Eastern breads, pastries and delicacies. These baked treats are based on recipes that date back generations and recreate the smells and tastes of yesteryear.

There are a variety of niche dairy farms springing up all over Israel too. These hilltop dairies produce goats milk products including cheese, and are gaining a growing reputation for the quality and taste of their dairy goods.

Israel Gourmet Tours

Many of these small food producers have on-site shops and restaurants where visitors can sit back and enjoy gourmet food. It is worth considering an Israel culinary tour when planning your itinerary. Israel is a fascinating place to tour and travel. Gourmet tours provide an unusual day out that take in some stunning views. In addition, they enable you to meet some interesting Israelis and allow you to take in the sights, smells and tastes of Israel’s latest culinary trends.

Traditional Wine Making in Israel

The Galil, Judean Hills and Negev are among the places now burgeoning with boutique wineries. These small enterprises often embrace the traditional techniques used in the past. They tend to use ancient methods of crushing and pressing as well as using storage casks from traditional woods that add a little spice to the flavor. Israel’s boutique wineries are starting to carve out an international reputation for themselves, so come and find out why!

Back to Basics

Taking a Gourmet tours of Israel will allow you enjoy the trip with all your senses. It will open your eyes to the growing global fine dining phenomenon and give you a glimpse into the amazing array of small food producers who are going back to their roots.

For a taste of Israel you will never forget, find out about Israel Tour Guides gourmet walks and tours.