Israeli Art Galleries: Bringing the Best Israeli Artists to your Door

Gateway to Israel’s Art Galleries is the home of local master craftsmen and women who are seeking global exposure to their work. The site is crammed full of contemporary and classic art, ceramics and sculptures which have been created in Israel by some of the country’s finest artists.

Gateway to Israel

The main Gateway to Israel site has existed for more than 10 years; promoting a diverse range of guided tours in Israel to a vast range of historic, scenic and memorable locations. Some of our tours are based on specific regions but others are centered on themes. For art-loving tourists we can create Israel art tours, taking in the big galleries or the small workshops in renowned places such as the Artists’ Quarter in Tzefat and the Artists’ Colony in Jerusalem.

Gateway to Israel aims to put Israel on the map for anybody interested in world travel. We feel that we can give tourists who are visiting Israel for any length of time and on any budget, unforgettable guided tours. We can completely tailor our tours around your specific needs, as well as providing you with our recommendations based on local knowledge and years of experience.

Exporting Israeli Art

A lot of tourists are interested in the artistic side of Israel; Israel art galleries, craft workshops and artisan markets are among the attractions high up on their list of ‘must see’ places. They are eager to find unique and interesting products from Israel; art, sculpture, glasswork, ceramics and more. They are also keen to meet up with the leading artists in their own environment, perhaps seeing them in action.

Our connection to Israeli artists and commitment to showcasing the wonderful range of work being produced in Israel, artwork that is both of classic and contemporary themes, has lead us to develop this site. We aim to expose the creative works of local artists to those who aren’t able to come and visit themselves. We aspire to create a hub where art lovers across the world are able to appreciate and purchase the magnificent creations that our local artists have made.

Purchasing Israeli Art

Gateway to Israel Art Galleries allows art lovers to take a virtual trip to Israel and view the artwork of leading artists who have carved out a reputation for themselves both at home and across the world.

We display original works and reproductions of distinguished artists in Israel; Judaica, jewelry, sculpture and painting are the main themes covered. We have put together a unique, eclectic collection for our site in order to showcase the very best variety of Israeli art.

Whether you are a regular visitor to Israel or someone who is interested in Israel art, this site is for you. Check out the diverse range of distinctive homeware and gifts – there really is something for everyone here; all price ranges, a broad selection of styles and products that will truly enhance any home.