Any tourist information you read about Israel remarks upon the vast variety of scenery in this tiny country. Touring Israel can take you from snow capped mountains down to arid deserts. You can wallow in mountainside streams or visit the lowest place on earth.

There is a diverse range of wonderful resorts and landscapes to provide relaxing days out wandering amongst nature or, at the other end of the scale, some thrilling adventurous pursuits to get your pulse racing.

National Parks in Israel

Israel National Parks are located across the entire expanse of Israel. Travel to Israel to discover these well kept areas of outstanding natural beauty, These offer visitors invigorating hikes and spectacular views whilst showcasing a diverse range of wildlife and flora.

Some trips center on the rugged landscape and take you to places where you can find the most dramatic views. Other tours focus on the historic significance of the land; perhaps visiting concealed caves used as secret hideaways in biblical times or preserving remnants of ancient civilizations.

Israel contains many archeological sites and trips can take in local museums and sites that display local artifacts and remnants of the past, capturing the daily life of ancient civilizations.

Hiking in Israel Tours

Israel Nature and National Parks Authority oversees the country’s prized national parks – a total of a staggering 115 national parks in Israel and 380 nature reserves – not bad for a country smaller than the state of New Jersey! Each park offers great days out in stunning settings that offer breathtaking views as well as historical, religious and environmental significance.

Do you love hiking? Israel is proud to have 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Masada, Tel Be’er Sheva National Park, Megiddo National Park and Avdat National Park. For those enjoying a trek through the countryside, Israel spoils you for choice.

Israel NatureTours

Israel-Guides offers hiking tours, birding tours, wildlife tours and extreme tours to name but a few. These allow you to select days out that are the right pace and area of interest for you and your family or group. We can provide groups tours or private tours that cater for any budget. Our private Israel tours are all lead by qualified, knowledgeable Israel tour guides who will ensure you gain an understanding of the special qualities and history of each area.

No trip to Israel is complete without visiting one of the country’s spectacular national parks. Take a look through the range of Israel hiking tours that we have available at Israel-Guides and experience some amazing days out that you will never forget.